Tender brief

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Tenders   for Marina development in the Republic of Cyprus.

(Synoptic notes 4-12-2001).

 Tender documents may be obtained from the Ministry of Commerce Industry and Tourism.


Who is responsible:  The Ministry of Commerce Industry and Tourism (Minister Nikos Rolandis)  staff : Mrs Iris Karayiannis  tel : +357-22-308041, 300209, 308046, Fax: +357-22-375323.

For what: For the lease agreement with  Local or/and International Private sector   of  the following locations  Paphos (Potima), Limassol, Larnaca (extension), Ayia Napa, Paralimni (only 200 spaces) for  Marina Development and operation.

For how long:  For  33 years with an option to extend this another 15 years . Total 48 Years.

Competition restriction : Tenderers may tender for  only ONE  Marina  and if they wish they may tender for a second  HOWEVER THE  SECOND  MARINA   MAY ONLY BE THE  DEVELOPMENT OF  A  SMALL  (300 spaces)   MARINA IN PARALIMNI.

When may these areas be inspected: The Ministry will arrange for  specific visiting dates for all participants  during which  the exact locations will be pin pointed on  site.

From where and what information is available  At the moment (4-12-2001) the draft of the tender documents  are circulated free of charge for  comments  by interested parties. These may be obtained from the responsible Ministry. The dead line for last comments is 1st of February 2002. These  documents contain 7 packs of info (apprx.150-200 pages) :

(1)   Instructions how to tender,

(2)   the lease agreement,

(3)   Instructions how to submit the “action plans”

(4)   Documents: Forms to be completed by the tenderer as regards the technical offer and the financial offer and the various Bank guarantees

(5)   Documents: Land Registry topographical position of project, council of Ministers decree on Marinas, the existing marina laws and regulations, and related decisions by the Council of Ministers.

(6)   Instructions for the preparation and submission by the tenderer of an Environmental impact Analysis.

(7)   A synopsis of the existing Nautical Tourism Strategy of Cyprus and a synopsis of the general tourism development strategy of Cyprus to the year 2010.

NOTE : On the 27th March 2002 all of the above has been completed. Suggestions and comments are now under study. The final tender term documents are being prepared. It is expected that before June 2002  Tenderers will be invited.


 How long will a tender offer  be valid: 180 days from the tender dead line (not  announced  yet).

In What form  must the   tender documents  be submitted : Must be submitted in two separate packs or two envelopes (1) the Technical proposal (2) The Financial proposal (these two separate envelopes  will be placed in one envelope.

What language: Greek  or English

How many copies: One   Original and Four copies.

What is required for the TECHNICAL PART:  Complete the official documents and forms, state the exact minimum total amount of the intended investment, include agreement documents with others, the Tender guarantee, The performance guarantee for the construction and development, The performance guarantee for the Management and Exploitation, the action plans and relevant information for the expertise of the Investor.

What is required for the FINANCIAL PART: Complete the official documents, the accurate yearly lease fee offered to the Government. ( Larnaca Marina ONLY :  will have to start from  £375.000cy (592,500 USD) which is the required lease for a part of the land which does not belong to the  Government and these 375.000 will be readjusted/increasing according to inflation every 2 years-  + plus whatever is the rest of the offer.)., .

A tender Bank guarantee for £50.000cy (79.000 USD) (the USD today 4-12-2001 is ONE Cyprus pound = 1,58 USD). (irrevocable Bank guarantee).

Who is qualified to tender:  Must have at least 5 years of experience in Marina design, construction and development and  at least 5 years of experience in Marina management and operation. Must also have proof of  the financial capability to undertake the project.

Who will evaluate the offers: The Central Tender Board of the Republic of Cyprus. Only those obtaining a general total  of  75%  or greater will be considered. Minimum required mark  is 60%  for  the Technical development action plan, for the Management and Operation Action plan and for the Development cost and equipment and  services  plan.

What are the time limits: Must commence construction work  60 days after obtaining all the required building licenses. In any case must commence construction work not later than 6 months from the date of the signed agreement. All works must be completed not later than 3 years from the date of the agreement.


Glafkos Cariolou

Kyrenia Nautical Club (Dept.Open Sea Navigation)


Tel: +357-22-373926.

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