Sample Questions for the High Speed Craft  Operators Licence examination

Questions used in the year 2000














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(Translated in English by G.Cariolou KYRENIA NAUTICAL CLUB) 

Theoretical written examination for the High Speed  Small Vessel Operator License.

(Exam Duration :  40 minutes)

 Required  personal particulars:

Part ษ  (To be completed by candidate/Applicant)

First Name of Applicant:………………………………

Surname of Applicant: …………………………………..

Learners´ High Speed Craft Operators Licence No: …………...

Licence date of expiry:  …………………………………

Examining Organisation: 


Examination Date:…………………………………………...

Part ษษ (To be completed by examiner)

Name Surname of Examiner: the examiners for the year 2000 were : Glafkos Cariolou, Charalambos Charalambous, Demetris Kasinis

the Examiners for the year 2001 were: Glafkos Cariolou and Charalambos Charalambous.          

Examining Organisation:

Kyrenia Nautical Club.


Marks Achieved:   …….     OVER  100. …

 Instructions: Please circle the serial letter of  each correct answer only.

Q1..      The draught of a vessel is:

แ. The vertical distance from deck to the deepest part of the keel

โ. The vertical distance between the stern and the load water line (LWL) of the vessel.

ใ. The vertical distance between Sea level and the deepest submerged part of the vessel.

ไ. None of the above is correct. 

The correct answer is:  



Q2.  How many feet is one fathom?

แ.  7 feet                                         ใ.  6 feet

โ.  8 feet                                         ไ.  10 feet

 The correct answer is:  



Q3.      The windward side of a vessel is:

แ.  The bow of the vessel                            

ใ.  The side receiving or facing the  wind

โ.  The stern of the vessel               

 ไ. None of the above  is  correct

 The correct answer is:  



Q4.      The Geographical Latitude of a place on the surface of the Earth is:

แ.  The angular distance from the North Pole.

โ. The angular distance from the South Pole.

ใ. The angular distance from the  Equator.

ไ. The angular distance from the  first Meridian of Greenwitch.

 The correct answer is:

Q5.      The geographical position is given  by :

แ. Minutes and Seconds.  

 ใ. Degrees and Minutes.

โ. Hours and Minutes.

The correct answer is:

 Q6.      If we follow a true course of 315 degrees it means we navigate towards the:

แ.  East                              

 โ.  North

ใ.  Northwest                     

ไ.  Southwest

The correct answer is:  


Q7.      The Longitude of Cyprus is:

แ.  120 East                                                ใ.  033 East

โ.  060 West                                              ไ.  033 West.

 The correct answer is:  



Q8.      The Compass course is defined as : 

แ.  The angle forming  between  the Magnetic North and the centre axis of the vessel (Heading of the vessel) .

โ. The angle forming  between  the  Compass North and the centre axis of the vessel (Heading of the vessel).

ใ. The angle forming  between  the True North and the centre axis of the vessel (Heading of the vessel).

ไ.  None of the above is correct.

The correct answer is:




Q9.      A bearing may be described as:

แ.  The  direction  to which we  look  for  the True North.

โ.  The direction or the heading of  the bow of our vessel.

ใ.  The angle between the direction of the North and the  direction of an imaginary line between the observer and the  observed object.

ไ. The angle between the  Northerly direction and the  direction  towards South.      

The correct answer is:  



 Q10.  The dividers is a naval instrument:

แ.  By which we measure the course of our vessel.  

โ.  By which we may calculate the depth of the sea.

ใ.  By which we measure distances on the chart.

ไ.  By which we plot the course of our vessel.

The correct answer is:  



 Q11.  CYPRUS RADIO (encircle the number of the calling and distress channel)

แ.11               โ.13               ใ.16               ไ.20        

The correct answer is:  



Q12.   The operator of a vessel must make sure upon anchoring in the open sea , that the  scope or length  of his anchor line is at least:

แ.  Twenty (20) times greater than the depth on the spot.

โ.  Ten (10) times greater than the depth.

ใ.  Five (5) times greater than the depth.

ไ.  Seven (7) times greater than the depth.

The correct answer is:  



 Q13.  Port and Marina entrances are  by general rule marked by two entrance lights as follows:

แ.  A green and a red , to port and to starboard respectively , as observed by a vessel  entering the port or Marina.

โ. A white and a green , to port and to starboard respectively , as observed by a vessel  departing the  port or Marina.

ใ. A green and a red , to starboard and to port, respectively , as observed by a vessel  entering the port or Marina.

ไ. A red and a white , to starboard and to port respectively , as observed by a vessel  entering the port or Marina.

The correct answer is:  



 Q14.  While navigating a channel or at the entrance of a port you must steer a:

แ.  Course to the port side.

โ. Course in the middle.

ใ. Course to the starboard side.

ไ.  None of the above is correct.

The correct answer is:  



 Q15.  Encircle  the serial letters of  all the correct  answers::

แ.  When navigating with low visibility you must reduce the  speed of the vessel.

โ.  Anchoring in a narrow channel is permitted.

ใ.  When navigating in a sea area with  high vessel traffic, steer at a safe distance from other vessels.

ไ.  Plot your course and calculate your position in frequent intervals.

The correct answer is:



Q16.  Encircle the letter identifier of the correct day shape  in the drawing BELOW,  for a vessel which is anchored (at day time) .


The correct answer is: 




Q17.  Indicate the correct number of kilometres per hour for a wind equal to eight (8) Beaufort and specify the approximate height of the waves under this condition. 

แ.  50 – 61 klm/hr and 4 – 6 metres               

ใ.  62 – 74 klm/hr and 6 – 9 metres

โ.  62 – 74 klm/hr and 9 – 14 metres           

ไ.  50 – 61 klm/hr and 6 – 9 metres

 The correct answer is:  



Q 18.  The sea is building up with white wave crests and foam blown with the wind, this is described as sea state of:

แ.  Two Beaufort                                        ใ. Seven Beaufort

โ. Three Beaufort                                       ไ. Twelve Beaufort

The correct answer is:  



 Q19.  A  Jet Ski or sea-scouter may in general navigate with a speed exceeding three (3) knots:

แ.  Inside swimmer protected areas   

 ใ.  From 100 to 700 metres from any land.   

โ.  Inside boat corridors 

ไ.  from 100 to  1000 metres from any land

The correct answer is:  



Q 20.  The  High speed crafts  of class ซยป must be inspected every:

แ.  Three Years                              ใ.  Every year

โ.  Every two years                         ไ.  Every five years.

The correct answer is:

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