Kyrenia Chrysocava Cultural Foundation 

Power Point Presentations at  Educational Establishments and similar activities

Under construction ----  Pending


For School Presentations we offer an audiovisual tale presentation including an origami exercise by children. PLEASE Contact:

The Master Skipper of the KYRENIA-LIBERTY Glafkos Cariolou at 99-473926  or at

or  The Skipper of the KYRENIA-LIBERTY  George Paphitis at 99-647317 or at

This is specifically designed for chidren from 4,5  years old to 8 years Old ONLY  a totally different presentation is offered for children from 9 to 17 years old, including experimental parts and exact replicas of rigging parts and natural fiber ropes from the experimental ship itself.

Special school archaeological and adventure clubs of  a maximum number of 15 students may sail with the experimental ship on a five hour experimental journey following special arrangements. PLEASE  CONTACT  THE ABOVE AT LEAST  60 Days in advance.







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