"KERYNIA": (as pronounced by locals) The name of the town outside of which the "ancient shipwreck of Kyrenia" was discovered in November 1965 by the Cypriot Diving Instructor, Andreas Matheou Cariolou. (Praxandros the Achaean king -from Peloponnesus Greece-  following the Trojan war, landed on the North Coast of Cyprus and created the Kingdom of Keryneia (Kyrenia/Girne) as well as Karavas and Lapithos.

"LIBERTY": Anyone on board must be prepared to be completely LIBERATED from any of the political and social parameters that divide and keep apart  people in :  different classes, different religions, different ethnic groups  or different social origins. Liberated of human-imposed differences,  "KERYNIA-LIBERTY" and her crew must have a united mission/task, to study and research into the sciences and the technology of the past, utilised by our ancestors in their efforts to harness the vast oceans of the globe.

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The "KYRENIA-CHRYSOCAVA" CULTURAL FOUNDATION,  in cooperation with  the:  KYRENIA NAUTICAL CLUB and the MUNICIPALITY OF KYRENIA, is constructing (April 2002) an exact replica to the lines plan of the ancient ship of Kyrenia and those of "KYRENIA 2" . 

The 1st replica the "KYRENIA  2 ",  was the result of a unique experiment of Nautical Archaeology (ancient naval architecture and ship construction) carried out  by the Hellenic Institute for the preservation of Nautical tradition (Mr. Harry Tzallas and his Team) and the prominent scientists on the field,  Professors : Michael Katzev (dec.2001) and  Richard Steffy. The major purpose of this achievement was the attempt to CONSTRUCT the replica in EXACTLY the same method as the ancient Hellenes did, thus using the "SHELL FIRST" method (first the keel and planking and afterwards the frames).  

The N.H.K. Executive producer Mr. Yasugi Hamagami was one of the fathers  of the  idea to construct an exact replica of the Kyrenia Shipwreck in Japan. The outcome was the construction of the KYRENIA 3  which is since 1990 exhibited in the town of  FUKUOKA - (ancient HAKATA) museum. This is a permanent ambassador of the people of Cyprus in Japan and a landmark to build upon for strengthening the friendship of Japan with little tiny Cyprus (Note!: The Islands of the 35th North Parallel of latitude= Cyprus, Crete and   Japan are the only ISLANDS on planet Earth on the 35th North Parallel of Latitude!). 

Pictured Above= the KYRENIA 3 in the ship's museum in FUKUOKA Japan. The amphorae were made by Moyses potter (from VASILIA village Kyrenia)a Kyrenian refugee now in Limassol, on an accurate design made by Glafkos Cariolou (from Kyrenia) and Anthony Shiakallis (from Klepini Kyrenia). 100 amphorae were transported by ship from Cyprus to Japan and they now decorate the ship . [top]

The NEW  "KYRENIA" ship  is to be constructed (launched 10th Nov.2002) following exactly the same naval architectural lines plan of the ancient, (Steffys Design) however since the objective IS NOT a naval architectural task -which would have been a meaningless repetition of the first very successful experiment of "KYRENIA-2" , modern  fast traditional boat building methods are to be employed ("frames first") as the  OBJECTIVE of "KERYNIA-LIBERTY" is to continuously experiment with ancient mariners methods and capabilities  of navigation, sailing and ship-ergonomies. 

We consider, finding out the sailing techniques employed by our ancestors as our prime objective and will persist,  with global  assistance and advice of all scientists  on the  field.

This page will keep you informed of the "KYRENIA  SHIP " projects.

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